Tretinoin Cream to Treat Pimple Scars on Butt?

I have some spots on my bottom from pimples I usually get every month. Can I use Tretinoin cream to get rid of them?

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Yes but only minnimally helpful

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Tretinoin can do some pretty amazing things but scar removal is not one of them.

Steroids would help more.

If you are a female and these "pimples" occur in the same place every month. I would strongly consider herpes simplex. In the female there is a nerve that hooks up into the buttock which is a branch off of the nerve that supplies sensation to the vulva. Occasionally, this nerve is affected by herpes and the recurrent rash so typical of this entity results.

This is often missed for years. If this picture fits your symptoms, I would consult your dermatologist.

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