Hair Was Pulled Out With Thinning Shears - What Kind of Treatment is There? (Photo)

Here are photos of my head shaved an one of how my hair was before cut at a number 3 guard.I had a ton of hair pulled out by a barber with a pair of thinning shears that did not cut but pulled my hair out, . I am 40 years old before this happened i had mild thinning in my crown area that started when i was 20 at the same age my hairline receded about a inch an never moved again

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Hair pulled out

I had a patient of mine who was mugged and held by his hair and beat up. After they broke his rib and his nose, they through him on the ground and pulled out a fist-full of hair that they were holding. It was his entire transplanted frontal hair that I did. He would not go to a hospital but came to my office, a bloody mess. I told him not to worry, all of his hair would grow back in about 6 months. And it did, all of it. So don't worry, one pull out of hair will not kill the hair and it will come back

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Hair loss due to hair cut?

You seem to have classic genetic male patten hair loss. You may have had miniaturization of the hair follicles before  the hair cut and the hair cut accelerated the hair loss that would have happened eventually over time. Your donor hair which is in the back of your head looks nice and Dense and you are a good candidate for hair transplant. See a hair transplant specialist in your area for an evaluation. 

Michael Meshkin, MD
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No treatment for bad hair cut other than time.

Sorry for the bad hair cut.  It sounds rather traumatic.  Only time can tell if your hair will grow back.  
You may want to see a doctor for an examination to make sure you don't have genetic male pattern balding.
There are some treatment options for male pattern balding.

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Solutions following bad haircut

Sorry to here about your bad haircut experience.  Thankfully a one time bad hair cut experience, even if the hair was pulled out, shouldn't result in permanent hair loss.  I would definitely encourage you to try topical rogaine and or propecia to address the overall hair loss and thinning issue.  Once your scalp has recovered from the shock of the shears, you should notice normal hair growth returning.  If you still feel the crown is too thin, you may be a good candidate for hair restoration depending on the overall density of hair growth on the back of your scalp.  Good luck 

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Hair Transplant Will Help

Earleast  Thank you for the pictures but a consultation is necessary for  an accurate assessment.  I , myself , had a very similar hair line.  Three months ago I had a hair transplant performed by my expert team  (google You tube Dr Berkowitz Hair Transplant).

I can offer you a transplant:
  • Without Linear Scars
  • No Staple
  • No Sutures
  • Faster Healing
  • Comfortable environment
I have patients travel from Ohio all the time.  As a realself patron you would receive 2 nights hotel stay included.

During your consultation we can also talk about other things that you can do to maintain your current hair.

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Hair loss by shears

This type of hair loss is essentially a type of traction alopecia. It is temporary and you should return close to the density as before the shears were used. 

It might not be 100 % matching because traction can sometimes accelerate genetic hair loss a bit. 

Long standing traction hair loss can be permanent but not a one time event like described
If concerned be sure to see a hair specialist for consideration of minoxidil (can speed regrowth of traction) and possibly topical steroids (can also help early or "acute" traction hair loss

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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