Treating Malar Edema After Sculptra Treatments?

I received Sculptra treatments 1 month ago (35ccs) and developed malar edema under one eye. It has not resolved. Is there anything I can do to reduce the puffiness? None of the Sculptra was injected under the eye, but I did have some injected in the cheek area.

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If you are still experiencing swelling from treatment one month ago, I would recommend that you see you provider for follow-up concerning this.  It is typically to have swelling from your treatment, but this will usually resolve within a two week period.  

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Edema after Sculptra

Swelling one month after injection warrants a trip to your injector, because swelling usually resolves within 2 weeks. While every physician prepares Sculptra differently, 35 cc's is a large amount of fluid. The channels that are responsible for draining fluid from your eyes may be having a hard time keeping up. Ice packs a few times per day, and sleeping in a recliner or with a few pillows under your head may help drain the fluid. Incidently, if you sleep on the same side as your swollen eye, that would explain why only one eye is seemingly affected (gravity pulls the fluid that way).

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Treating Malar Edema After Sculptra Treatments

Hi Bellevue,

It is most unusual to experience malar bags after Sculptra treatment.

I have treated a few patients who have malar bags with Ulthera.  There has been improvement.  Malar bags are most difficult to treat, but Ultherapy is a non-invasive option.  Good luck and be well.

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