Can I Travel out of State to Have my Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I previously asked a question on how long I had to wait to have a tummy tuck after my fourth c-section in September 2012 and I had positive feedback and Ive seen great doctors reply back and left their webpage and I was interested in one but he is out of my state. I'm in Indiana and I would like to travel out of state for my tummy tuck. Is this a possibility or do I have to find one in my state?

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Out of State Tummy Tuck Surgery

Yes, you can travel out of state for surgery. We perform a number of surgeries for out of state patients. You will need to ensure proper communication prior to surgery so the surgeon has sufficient time and understanding to prepare a surgical plan. Moreover, you will need to spend sufficient time in your surgeon's area to receive proper postoperative care.

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Out of state doctor for tummy tuck

Yes, you can travel out of state for a tummy tuck.  You may wish to consult with the surgeon ahead of time to ensure that he/she is also comfortable with the situation.  For your safety, you will want to arrange to stay near your surgeon for a period of time immediately following surgery and would most likely need to return for some follow up visits. Good luck to you!

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Traveling out of state for a tummy tuck

As long as you're happy with your out-of-state surgeon and you're willing to make the trips to see him/her for follow-up visits, then it should be okay to proceed.  However, if you have any problems you might be doing a lot of traveling!

Can I travel out of state to have a Tummy Tuck

Hello! Yes you can travel out of state to have a tummy tuck. It is important to find a doctor that you trust. This is the key. You will need to follow his instructions and he will tell you when it is safe to go home. It is important to give yourself the recommended time of rest and recovery time before traveling home.

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Tummy tuck out of state


  You have the right to go anyplace for your surgery.  It would be smart to find someone near you to do the follow up.  Plastic surgeons will charge for this but still if you have found the surgeon that you like and he/she is out of state, combined with the fact that you are comfortable with this arrangement, then do so and get your follow up in that other state or your area.

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