How to enlarge my areolas without surgery? Is tattooing the only way?

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Areola Tattoo


Depending on what you have in mind for a final result will dictate the best way anybody could achieve it. If you only wish for a larger areola area with no surgery, tattooing is a very good non surgical technique to do this. If done by a specialist who knows about nipple areola tattooing, they can create very clever 3D looking results. If surgery is an option, breast augmentation would help to stretch out the areola, otherwise as advised, you would have a circumferential scar around your areola, so the trade off would be a bigger areolar but you would gain a scar.

Best of luck with your quest.

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How to enlarge my areolas without surgery?

Thank you for sharing your question. An image of your desired result would be useful to offer definite advice but there is no reliable way at increasing your areola size without surgery.  A breast augmentation can be used to stretch out the areola making it appear larger while any other technique would involve an incision circumferentially around your current areola.  Hope this helps.

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