Total FX Cost

How much does Total FX cost on average?

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Cost of Total FX (Active FX and Deep FX)

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The cost for Total FX fractional laser resurfacing depends on your location, areas to be treated, prep and post procedure treatments that are included, and type of sedation or anesthesia. In our facility treatments for the face range between $3000 and $4000.

Cost of Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing such as TotalFx

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Depending on your geographic area and what gets bundled, e.g. post-treatment skin care, the cost of Fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing for face using TotalFx or other devices can run between $2500-$5000 in San Francisco Bay Area. One should make his or her decision on the experience of the laser surgeon, not just on the cost alone. Ideally, the board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon that one chooses should have done at least 50 cases of your particular skin type.

Cost of TotalFX

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The cost of TotalFX fractional laser resurfacing procedure will vary depending on where you live, what area or areas are being treated and what is included with your treatment. Some facilities include post-procedure skin care, for instance.

Expect to pay between $3700 to 5500 or so, for face or face and neck treatment.


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In Los Angeles the prices tend to be more competitive.  We charge $2500 for face and neck Total FX treatment.  We occasionally will run a special for $2000. 

Lisa Benest, MD
Burbank Dermatologist

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