Biafine for Post-Active/Total FX Care?

I'm going in for Active/Total FX treatment on December 12. The MD that will be doing the procedure (very experienced with a great track record) doesn't believe that Biafine will make a big difference. Does anyone believe that Biafine is a good topical for post-procedure care? Is there a non-prescription alternative?

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Biafine post laser wound care best for acne prone individuals

One of possible post-op complications after laser resurfacing or chemical peel is acne flare due to the occlusive and greasiness nature of emollients typically used. For that reason, Biafine is desirable as it is largely non-comedogenic and facilitates faster healing. However, for individuals who are not acne prone, thicker emollient such as Aquaphor may stay on the skin longer compared to Biafine and may not required as frequent application during post-op period.

To achieve the best clinical outcome in Fractional CO2 Laser (Active FX, Mixto, Fraxel Repair, etc), the key is for one to find a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has a team-approach and performed greater than 50 cases of Fractional CO2 Laser of your skin type.

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Fractional co2 laser postoperative regimen

Our office specializes in fractional co2 laser using the SmartXide laser. Our postoperative regimen helps improve redness and shortens the time to epithelialization of the skin. We recommend the Melarase creams twice daily to reduce pigmentation. 


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