Does OHIP cover breast implants for tuberous breast deformity? And how much would it be without insurance?

It is my understanding that tuberous breast deformity is considered a congenital deformity and therefore covered under OHIP. Is it or is it not covered? I can't even wear a normal t shirt without feeling uncomfortable. I have tiny breasts and huge areolas. I've never been able to take off my shirt in an intimate setting. what exactly would need to be done to my tuberous breasts to have them look normal? What is an average cost of breast implants/ areolas reduction without insurance?

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Tuberous Breasts

Unfortunately, though Tuberous breast constriction is considered a deformity and many women seek surgery to correct it, OHIP does not consider this a necessary surgery and doesn't cover the cost. There are degrees and characteristics for this condition and you may fall somewhere on the spectrum. Often a lift procedure is combined with breast implants in order to reshape, release constriction and round out the breasts. The best way to determine what your needs and options are is to meet with a board certified Plastic Surgeon in person for consultation.
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OHIP and tuberous breast

We have had success when a single breast requires augmentation, but have not had success getting OHIP coverage for bilateral correction.

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