I didn't stop taking supplements before breast augmentation and the surgery is tomorrow?

I just read in the booklet provided that I have to stop all supplements must be stopped 2 weeks before the surgery. I am an athlete and I take supplements on a regular basis. I have been taking vitamins and supplements such as : iron, biotin, zinc, vitamin C and calcium, magnesium, probiotics, vitamin B12, maca capsules and DIM capsules. I have contacted the nurse and she said only blood thinners might cause problems. Please let me know if this is very bad and if I should reschedule the surgery

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Thank you for your question.If you consulted with the nurse and she is not concerned then I wouldn’t worry yourself about it. The main things that can cause complicationss are medications like aspirin or ibuprofen that can increase your risk of bleeding and other complications. I also recommend that my patients discontinue taking Vitamin E, green tea supplements, garlic supplements and St John’s Wort. None of the supplements you listed above raise any red flags for me. But its always best to take the advice of your surgeon and his medical staff.
Best of luck!

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Pre op Supplements

Thank you for your question. Many of the vitamins you've mentioned do not negatively affect bleeding/clotting. I do not ask my patients to discontinue a multivitamin or iron before surgery. However, there are herbal supplements and formulas which will such as those including ginseng and many others. I recommend that you stop anything you are unsure of. You should let your Plastic Surgeon know what you are taking.
All the best

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Supplements and surgery

You should review this with your surgeon. Some supplements can thin the blood.  Best of luck with your surgery.

Steven Wallach, MD
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I recommend reviewing the supplements you take with your doctor prior to surgery.  In general, supplements are notoriously unregulated and often do not contain the type or amount of ingredients that are listed on the bottle.  Supplements such as ginseng and ginko may have blood thinning properties and s\should be stopped before surgery; however, there is not likely to be an issue.

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Supplements and surgery

Thank you for your question.  I would ask your surgeon.  Every plastic surgeon has a different practice.  The most common talked about are vitamin E, ginkgo, and fish oil.  Medications such as aspirin, plavix, coumadin, xarelto are different and can cause significant difficulty with controlling bleeding at surgery and definite precaution must be used.Best Dr. L

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Supplements before surgery

This would best be discussed with your surgeon.  There are certain over-the-counter supplements that can have an effect upon blood clotting.  Your surgeon should be able to review what you are taking and decide whether you need to delay the surgery or not.

Barry M. Schwartz, MD
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