Does Topical Tretinoin Harm the Baby in the Early Week of Pregnancy?

I had been using topical retin A (tretinoin) and HQ(Hydroquinone) from aesthetic clinic for 1 month. However, I was not applying it every on my face. Let say, 3 out of 5. 2 days ago, I recognized that I am prenant for 4 weeks. The question is does topical tretinoin and HQ harm to my baby's body forming? I have searched many article and I can't see the same conclusion. Please help me on this issue.

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Use of any chemicals during pregnancy

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Since it is often impossible  to know why birth defects occur, the best advice is to keep away from all chemicals that are not necessary.  Two of these chemicals, both prescriptions,  are retin A and hydroquinone.   So in summary you should not use these products during your pregnancy.    Do not lose sleep over having used them thus far,  but abstain in the future.  You simply want to remove all the variables that could be a problem for you and baby.  My Best,  Dr C

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