Can a Redhead Have Pearly White Teeth?

I'm a natural redhead male, 20 years old, and I have braces. I get them off in about 6 months and am definitely wanting to have them whitened. I've been researching whitening procedures and am curious if I can even get the teeth shade I desire? My mom told me when I was younger that being a redhead, it's nearly impossible to have extremely white teeth and they'll always be a yellow shade. Is this true?

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Color of Your Hair and Yellow Teeth

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Having red hair has absolutely nothing to do with the color of your teeth.  Your teeth will look yellow if you do not see a dentist and have regular check ups and cleanings.  They will also look yellow if you smoke. You have researched whitening systems. Your general dentist probably referred you to the orthodontist who did your braces. Consider going back to him and ask him what would be the best teeth whitening system to use on your teeth. You are very young so I would suggest chairside whitening with Whiter Image or, if you want them really WHITE, try a deep bleaching system called KOR Whitening. You will be happy with the results and they will look great with your red hair!

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