How Old is Too Old for Breast Implants?

I am 57 yrs old, good health, physically fit. I work out and walk. I have always had small breasts. Am I too old?

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Health is the deciding factor in Breast Augmentation

While as we get older we develop many more maladies, there is no reason to deny a healthy women the opportunity to have breast surgery. While I have done bilateral breast reconstruction on an 87-year-old and breast augmentation on a 76-year-old I have declined to operate selectively on 35 and 45-year-olds because of their poor medical condition. It is the patients state of health that counts not the number of years.

In fact, the 76-year-old lady who had a breast augmentation was one of my happiest patients who returned for a face lift, brow lift, eye lid surgery and fat grafting. "After all with a body like this , I should have a face to match it," she said. The 86-year-old wanted to be able to wear a bathing suite. Young at heart and healthy is the criteria that makes the difference.

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No age limit for implants

You are definately not too old for implants.  As long as you are healthy, you can safely have the surgery. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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You Are Not Too Old

There is no age limit on breast augmentation surgery. As long as you are healthy, you are eligible. That said, as we age, it may take more time for our body to recover.

Plastic surgeons usually require that anyone over 45-50 first get medical clearance from their primary care doctor.

Your plastic surgeon would evaluate you and come to a decision the same way he would anyone else. He would take your measurements and find an implant that fits your body and personal beauty goals.

Given that you are older, your breasts may have more sagging and your skin may be looser. Depending on the degree of sagging, you may want to consider a lift as well. Looser skin helps accommodate implants that are high profile and extra high profile.

I hope that answers your question on the age limit for breast surgery. It’s great that you’re doing this research. I always say that the best patients are informed patients.

You might also want to research your options for breast implants. Choosing the right implant is the number one concern among women considering breast augmentation. Did you know, there’s actually a way to select a implant shape, size, and profile that is perfect for you?

A term that I use with my patients for the perfect implant is the “Pony Implant”.

So what do I mean by “perfect”? Well, a Pony Implant has three qualities to it. First, the implant meets your beauty goals. For example, you want to your breasts to look fuller while still appearing natural.

Second, when you chose your Pony Implant, you walk out of your consultation 100% confident that you’ve chosen the right shape and size for you. In other words, you won’t be second guessing your decision, and you won’t be afraid of having gone too big or too small.

And third, after your procedure, you are thrilled with your results, and say, "I’m so happy. This is exactly what I wanted!"

That’s the Pony Implant. And the great news is that there is a simple process to go about finding yours.

This issue of selecting the right implant is so important when it comes to patient satisfaction or dissatisfaction that, again, I really encourage you to learn more about it.

Thank you for reading and best of luck on your journey!

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How Old Is To Old For Breast Implants?

Thank you for your question! You are never to old for cosmetic surgery.  Seek a board certified plastic surgeon who performs these regularly.  As long as your in good healthy condition you shouldn't have a problem.  Best of luck!

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How old is too old for a breast augmentation?

Thank you for your question.  The decision to have a breast augmentation procedure is highly personal.  There is no age limit or 'appropriate' age by which you need to have a breast augmentation, rather it is whenever a patient is ready (assuming you are a healthy individual).  If you are interested in exploring your options, I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-experienced in these procedures.  Best of luck!

Stephen T. Greenberg, MD
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Too old for Implants?

Hi and thank you for your question.
You are definitely not too old to have implants. Many of my patients are in this age group. I recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation.Best wishes.

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Breast Augmentation is Safe as Long as You are Healthy

We frequently see women in their fifties who request breast augmentation. In the vast majority of these patients, breast augmentation can be performed without any difficulty. It’s important to realize that as we get older changes occur our bodies. Many women in their fifties have had multiple pregnancies. In many cases they have developed loss of breast volume and associated breast sag. For these reasons many of these patients will need breast lifts at the time of their breast augmentation.

In addition, as we age we frequently develop other health problems. It’s therefore important to have an appropriate medical evaluation before proceeding with surgery. This might include an EKG and laboratory studies.

Even when these issues are considered, patients who have undergone breast augmentation in there fifties report high satisfaction rates. In today’s world, fifty is still considered young.

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How old is too old for breast implants?

Hello! Thank you for your question! Age alone is not a contraindication to a surgical procedure. There are a few medical comorbidities that contribute to a higher risk during any surgical procedure including infections, wound complications, delayed wound healing, bleeding, anesthetic risks, etc. Factors such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, heart problems, lung problems, etc are more common in the elderly. However, if you are healthy, or these conditions are well-controlled, you would certainly still be a candidate for a surgical procedure. If your complaints or desires are great enough to consider the surgical option, I would seek a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss your complaints and go over the options as well as risks and benefits of the procedure.

You should obtain medical clearance from your primary care physician that you are at an acceptable risk for undergoing a surgical procedure. For elective or aesthetic procedures, your surgeon may want to get you to a reasonable health status prior to consideration for a procedure. Discuss all of your medical comorbidities and medication with your surgeon prior and discuss these risks. Also, discuss this with your anesthesiologist as proper monitoring and medications will be watched closely. This procedure should still be very safe for you and hope for an uncomplicated course with an excellent result! Hope that this helps! Best wishes!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
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How Old is Too Old for Breast Implants?

Age does not exclude you from being a good candidate for breast augmentation.  I would advise you to seek consultation with  board certified plastic surgeons to discuss your options. Usually, prior to surgery, a mammogram, EKG, and medical clearance is required to proceed with surgery. Take care and good luck!

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Breast Implants are NOT only for young women

A significant part of my practice is breast surgery – breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift and breast reconstruction. I have noticed over the past few years that there are more and more women in the 35 to 55 year old group who want to improve the appearance of their breasts. They usually want to return their breasts to the size and shape they had in the years BC (before children). However, when I discussed this topic with my wife and other women, they all said “do older women really get breast implants?”

Well, maybe it’s not talked about like it is among the 20 to 30 year olds, but it’s just as common. Statistics for 2008 from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveal that 49% of women undergoing breast augmentation are over 35 and nearly 10% are over 50. Even more amazing is that 75% of breast lifts and 59% of breast reductions are performed on women over 35. So it’s not just my practice, but this is a nation wide trend.

So, if you are considering this surgery (and not telling your friends), what do you need to know?

1. Breast surgery is about art and skill and experience.
2. The result is highly dependent on the skill of the surgeon, and is NOT the same from doctor to doctor.
3. There is not one "best choice" of implants, incisions, or implant placement.
4. Each patient is unique and women have different desires and therefore you require an individual analysis and plan.
5. Everything in life has trade-offs and it is my job to educate you as to what these may be for you.
6. Remember that the time spent with your surgeon before the surgery correlates with your result.
7. You need a qualified plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who has the knowledge, judgment, and experience to obtain the best possible result for your individual body type and life style.

While a standard augmentation may be all that is necessary, many women need adjustments in shape as well as size. Some require lifting (mini, moderate, or full). This may include elevation of the nipple and areola, with an incision around the areola and sometimes a vertical incision as well, depending on the degree of ptosis (sagging). The nipple is not removed and replaced, which is a common misconception. Sensation should be maintained. Women who have had more than one child, or those who breast feed are more likely to need a breast lift. Another common procedure is reduction of the areola size, especially when augmenting the breast size.

Paul J. LoVerme, MD
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