I Was Told the Best BBL is when the Fat is Only Harvested from the Back. Does It Make a Difference Where the Fat Comes from?

Does it make a difference where the fat comes from, like your thighs,abdomen,stomach, and flanks. Its all fat isn't it? Or do the fat harvested from your back take better in you BUTT?

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Brazilian Butt Lift Fat.... where should it come from?

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There may be different definitions of what is included in the Brazilian Butt Lift, but my experience, what gives the overall best results is removing the fat from where it needs to be removed.  I have performed this procedure for about 14 years now and have rarely come across a patient (who was a candidate for this procedure) that didn't need to have fat removed from the abdomen, waist and flanks (low back area).  I often remove fat from other areas as well, such as the bra strap rolls, inner or outer thighs as well as the upper arms.  The fat can be taken from anywhere, as long as the surgeon has a good technique and the patient follows the post-op instructions given to them by their surgeon.  

Fat is Fat

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In my experience the area of fat removal has no bearing on the success of fat survival after transfer.  Furthermore, I have not read any scientific literature that would support better success rates of fat survival depending on fat's site of origin.  It matters more how the fat is harvested and handled versus where it came from.

Fat Donor Site Selection for Brazilian Butt Lift

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Although the answer is not in completely, it makes some sense that the donor areas from places that are fat out of proportion to the rest of your body will probably have fat cells that retain these features after transplantation. Therefore any place you have unwanted fat would be a good choice

Brazilian butt lift surgery

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The success of the surgery is not determined by where the fat was removed; instead, it depends tremendously on the surgeon’s technique, surgical protocol, and postoperative instructions.In order to harvest enough fat for the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure, fat is removed where it is excessive. I routinely remove fat from the abdomen, flanks, upper and lower back, and thighs. You can even remove fat from the arms.

Fat does not handle stress very well and, if the surgery is not done properly, then, you will waste your money and will have suboptimal results.

BBL fat donor sites

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Good question but unfortunately we do not know if one donor site is superior to another. However when you harvest from your hips, flanks, and saddles these will help the overall shape of your buttocks in concert with the fat injections. Good luck

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

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