How Can Scars Be Removed from a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

If the scars from a Brazilian butt lift procedure are small, would a topical ointment (Mederma Scar gel) for scar reduction be enough to make them unnoticeable? If scar removal surgery is the realistic option, then how long after a BBL should that be done?

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Scar Therapy

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As mentioned previously, scars are forever lasting. There are products out there can reduce the color and thickness of the scar i.e. Bicorneum (best product out there) when used after the procedure. Used during post surgery, the high silicone content helps in reducing the scars lasting formation. Other than massage and these products, there isn't a way to totally remove a scar that has already formed. Best of luck.

How Can Scars Be Removed from a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

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Simple excision with tension free closure. Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

Scar therapy

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Scars following a brazilian butt lift should be minimal. I usually recommend patients to massage scars and use Mederma if they feel the need to do so. Again, there is nothing that can permanently remove a scar, keep that in mind. Best of luck.

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How to reduce scars following a brazilian Butt Lift?

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The incisions used in the Brazilian Butt Lift are really quite smal being less than a quarter inch in length. However as with any procedure the scars will appear red during the initial months, indeed sometimes up to 1 year. I would not suggets using any products. You should be followed up with yuor plastic surgeon and if he ( she) feels that the scar may need some help then steroid injections and/or possible laser treatment may need to be considered.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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The scars from a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure should be very minimal.  I try to leave no more than 3 small incisions, only about 1/4 inch long, and I try to place them within the area that a bikini bottom would cover.

There is no such thing as getting rid of or removing a scar, but it may be possible to improve its appearance. If your scars healed poorly and are raised and bumpy, it is possible that any type of surgical scar revision would result in the same way.  The most important thing you can do to prevent and improve the appearance of any scar is to use sun block.  Massaging with sun block a few times a day keeps the scar protected from the sun’s rays that cause the scar to become dark and discolored, and the messaging action should keep the tissue soft and flat.  Hope this helps.

No such thing as "scar removal"

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Scars no matter how small or larger are permanent, forever things.  They generally improve greatly with time and massage with things like emu oil, Mederma etc but there is no such thing as "scar removal."

It was interesting to me when I used to work in a children's hospital how the mom's would come back after doing a scar "revision" on their child and ask "so when will we do the plastic surgery and get rid of the scar?"  Not possible...

Scars from BBL

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All scars take 12-18 months to fully mature and fade.  You may place tape over the scars, silicone sheets, or a silicone based topical product for best results.  Scar massage is also helpful.  Scar revision surgery actually creates a larger scar, and should be reserved for very poor quality scars.

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