I'm thinking of getting coolsculpting. What happens once I get pregnant after the procedure?

More speifically, if you are freezing/destroying the fat cells, when I gain weight with pregnancy where will it go? I have two areas in my abdominal region and would like to get rid of, but I am concerned about what will happen when the weight comes back with pregnancy. I really do not want to have an oddly weight distributed belly when I am pregnant.

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Fat reduction from CoolSculpting is permanent!

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If you have CoolSculpting done well and you are a good candidate then you get to keep your results! Having said that the body undergoes huge changes in pregnancy. After the baby you will want to get back to your normal weight with diet and exercise. Once you achieve your goal weight you will be pleased to see that there is still an improvement with areas like the love handles. When it comes to the abdomen post partum laxity will play a role so your satisfaction will be less predictable. If you hate an area of disproportianate fat now and are not immenently getting pregnant there is no harm to getting a consultation for a more specific recommendation. After my third child (28 years ago) I wanted liposuction and was told by a plastic surgeon to not bother until I was done having kids. I got a second opinion, had the liposuction and then my fourth child. I have never regretted the premanent removal of fat and was glad I addressed it when I did. Of course CoolSculpting is not the same as liposuction but the results can be just as satisfying in certain cases.

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Pregnancy and Cool Sculpting

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You will still gain weight with pregnancy, but you will gain less weight in the area that has been cool sculpted, because you will have fewer fat cells in that area after cool sculpting.

Cool Sculpting and future pregnancy

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Coolsculpting with not affect the pregnancy. However, your question is key to understand the distinction between fat reduction and weight loss. Coolsculpting will permanently eliminate approximately 20% of the fat cells in the treated area for each treatment performed. However, the remaining fat cells will be able to enlarge and shrink as normal with weight gain or loss.

Cool sculpting of the abdomen

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This is a very good question.  The area you are concerned about has to bulge.  If we feel like it is treatable then the area is treated.  The distribution should be even across the area treated so that there is no contour problem.  After weight gain the area should not look different from the other areas.

CoolSculpting & Pregnancy

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Your question deals with Coolsculpting before pregnancy.The fat cells that are destroyed during the Coolsculpting process get disposed of by your body naturally.If during pregnancy you gain weight, the distribution of fat should remain the same.You will gain it the same way you did prior to pregnancy.It should not be oddly distributed.

Michael Stefan, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

I'm thinking of getting coolsculpting. What happens once I get pregnant after the procedure?

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If you are considering getting pregnant, I would suggest you wait until after you have had your children to undergo CoolSculpting treatments. 

Pregnancy and Coolsculpting

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Pregnancy results in weight gain in a number of different areas of the body.  Since you want to get pregnant, I would recommend waiting until after the pregnancy to have the procedure.  Coolscuplting is a great procedure and you will be thrilled with the results.

Pregnancy after CoolSculpting

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If you are considering getting pregnant in the near future, I would recommend waiting until after the pregnancy to have CoolSculpting.  That way, you can treat any remaining fat from the pregnancy.  If you have the CoolSculpting first, it should still bring improvement but, as you mentioned, you will then be gaining weight with the pregnancy.  The location of any weight gain will not be altered by the CoolSculpting procedure.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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