I had last coolsculpting procedure done last week. Since yesterday I am experiencing intense gas pains. Could this be related?

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Consulting and gas pain

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Coolsculpting should not be linked with gas pains if the coolsculpting was performed properly. Consult with your treating physician and internist to determine what the cause may be.

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CoolSculpting and Gas pains

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CoolSculpting should not be related to any gas pains.  If you are experiencing intense gas pains I would contact your internist for evaluation.

Gas pains after CoolSculpting?

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The procedure does not affect the tissues that are lower than the layer of fat above the muscles, which are above your fascia and internal organs. 

I imagine you have tried an OTC gas relief product. if this doesn't help, you will want to contact your CoolSculpting provider to have this symptom assessed.  

Sheryl D. Clark, MD
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Cool sculpting

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These should be unrelated.  When you have the abdomen done it only treats the the tissues beneath the skin.  It does't treat tissues inside the abdomen.

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