Is There Much Volume Loss After Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer Six Months After Surgery?

How much fat is needed to increase bust size one cup with fat transfer, and is there much volume loss 6 months to a year after the surgery?

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There will be some volume loss after fat transfer to breasts

Hi There! Yes you will have some volume loss to the breasts. The basic rule is about 30-40% of the transferred fat will disappear over 6 months post surgery.

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Fat breast augmentation

I would caution you about undergoing breast enlargement with fat grafting. It is difficult to control how much of the fat will take and what the long term result will be. It might look fine at 6 months, but continue to change over subsequent years. Despite claims of various surgeons, this procedure is far from being perfected and predictable at this time.

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Fat transfer for breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.  

If done well and you have an adequate breast skin, you can expect to get about a 150-200 cc increase in breast volume on each breast.  There is a limit to how much fat can be added and it is difficult to go more in one session.  This amounts to about a one cup size increase in many women.

The reason that more cannot be added is because the breast tissue starts to get tight and fat starts to die.

So, when done well, a modest increase in breast volume can be achieved and about 70-80% of the fat lives.  If pushed too far and too much fat is injected, fat starts to die and only about 30-50% of the fat will live.

I hope this helps.

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Breast augmentation with fat

Outcome is not entirely predictable, but in general 1/2 of the fat injected will absorb away. I have found that fat grafting to the breast results in a nice enhancement with increased roundness and lift, but does not provide more than 1 cup size of augmentation. I recommend you contact a Board certified plastic surgeon in your area who performs breast augmentation with fat grafting to see if you are a good candidate and some representative results.

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