Is there a way to move my deviated nasal septum with fingers or object temporarily?

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Personally Manipulating Your Deviated Septum

No, it is not advisable to manipulate any components of your nose with fingers or objects. It is understandable that you are uncomfortable and want a temporary solution for your discomfort. However, attempting to fix your nose yourself is unsafe and you are likely to cause more damage. To ensure that you get long-lasting relief and effective results, consult a board certified ENT physician. He or she will evaluate your condition and determine an appropriate treatment option for you. 

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Moving a deviated septum

Nonsurgical techniques are used to change the appearance of the outside portion of the nose via procedures such is laser resurfacing for the treatment of nasal enlargement associated with rosacea and soft tissue injectable fillers.  whose this position can

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Septoplasty to straighten a deviated septum

The only way to safely and permanently straighten a deviated septum is surgically with a septoplasty.  Other methods of moving or straightening the septum will be ineffective in the long run.  

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Deviated nasal septum

The nasal septum can be deviated for a number of reasons, and your question is difficult to answer without evaluating you in the office.  In general the septum can be manipulated using your fingers, but the dense attachments to the surrounding bone is not possible to release.  if you were able to move the septal cartilage slightly, it would not stay due to the "memory" of the cartilage, and the forces on the cartilage from the other components of the nose.  You need to visit with a physician in person for the proper evaluation.

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