Is There a Lot of Swelling After a Breast Implant Exchange?

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Swelling after implant exchange

Usually there is less than after the initial surgery as a pocket is already present. But if there is a lot of dissection necessary to make the pocket larger or the capsule is being removed, there can be significant swelling. Your doctor should be able to give you some idea of how much swelling you should expect.

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Swelling after implant exchange

It all depends on how much surgery is done to complete the exchange. If the implants are simply removed and new implants placed into the same capsular pocket, there is little to no post operative swelling. If a portion or all of the capsule is removed or if a new pocket is created, there may be notable swelling that could persist for several months. 

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Swelling after implant exchange

This really depends on the extent of the surgery.  If is just an exchange, same size should be minimal to none.  If the pocket is manipulated to accommodate a larger implant than the issue is what took place in the pocket,  If a capsulotomy, just opening the pocket, should not be major swelling.  If a capsulectomy, removing the scar tissue surrounding the implant, than I would expect more swelling.  I dress my patients after surgery with ace bandages circumferentially as a tube top and this helps to minimize swelling,

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Yes, having swelling is very typical after a remove and replace of implants. It takes 6-9 months for that swelling to subside.

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Swelling after Removal/Replacement of Breast Implants?

Thank you for the question.

Generally speaking, there is not a lot of swelling after removal/replacement of breast implants.  Most patients tolerate this procedure very well with less discomfort/recovery time than  was present  after the initial breast augmentation procedure. However, if additional work (capsular work)  is performed additional swelling can be expected.

 I hope this helps.

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Degree Of Swelling After Implant Switching

In general, there is less swelling after implant switching.  This, however, is sometimes the problem.  Since all implants have a capsule around them and since this capsule is like the inside of a baggie, any fluid (blood or transudate) will sit in this baggie, and not necessarily get absorbed.  Therefore, I always put a drain in, bring it out through the axilla (armpit) and leave it in for a couple days.  

If there is a capsular contracture or the pocket has to be enlarged for one reason or another, then you can expect a greater degree of swelling.   

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