Is It Safe to Do Hysterectomy at the Same Time As Breast Augmentation?

I have to have a hysterectomy (divincci ...i.e. laproscropic) and was it possible to have breast augmentation at the same time... thanks.

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Cosmetic surgery with a hysterectomy

I work with several OB/GYNs and perform cosmetic procedures during the time of an OB/Gyn procedure on a regular basis.  Whether you are a good candidate for a combined procedure depends on 1) the exact procedures being done and 2) your overall health status.  Some have concerns about infection and cross contamination.   This can be addressed with several things. First, you should receive preoperative IV antibiotics about 1 hour before your surgery start time.  Second, I recommend two distinct and separate setups.  In other words, the OB/Gyn procedure is done with complete different instruments and set up.   The plastic surgery portion of the procedure is done with new instruments etc.  The decision for a combined procedure needs to be made on a case by case basis.  But if you are having a minimally invasive hysterctomy with the Da Vinci, and you are healthy, I see no reason why you could not proceed with a breast aumgentation procedure at the same time.  Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to learn more about your options.  Wishing you all the best! Dr. Basu Houston, TX

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Be cautious

There is an inherent additional risk of infection with combined procedures where one is a hysterectomy.  I would recommend that the plastic surgeon go first and perform the breast augmentation and get everything closed prior to the hysterectomy.  Even though the surgery is not in the same area, there is still a risk of transient bacteremia that can cause problems.

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Combined Hysterectomy & Breast Implants

There is no medical reason why you should not have BA at time of hysterectomy provided your gynaecologist and Plastic surgeon are happy to work together.  There should not be any increased risks with these procedures.  I routinely work with our gynaecologist performing combined procedures.  Best of Luck.

Is it safe to combine breast augmentation with laparoscopic hysterectomy?

It probably depends on the reason for your hysterectomy.  If it is NOT because of cancer, it may be possible to have a breast augmentation at the same time.  The first step is talking to your gynecologist.  Combining the two surgeries does increase your risk for complications - including infection.

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