How Long Will It Take for 1/2 Centimeter Wound Dehiscence to Heal?

I am 3 weeks post op and have a small hole in one of my inframammary wounds after breast augmentation. My surgeon found sutures working their way out and removed them. He put me on antibiotics and instructed me to use antibacterial ointment. How long do these typically take to close? Should I limit movement on that side? Thanks in advance.

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Half centimeter wound opening.

Hard to tell much without a photo or exam.  The opening can be caused by a few things. Usually it is tension on the wound. Sometimes a suture placed in the wound under the skin will spit out. This may cause the wound to then open a little. Now that the foreign body is out, the wound should heal.  It will take time, (weeks to months), depending on the extent of the wound opening.   Please follow  your board certified plastic surgeon's instructions.

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Hole in Suture?

First, follow whatever your surgeon says if you trust them. Second, I would say that you limit the overall strenuous activity for 6 weeks total. I do not know what is going on but if you truly have that much of a dehiscence I would maybe numb it up in the office and close it, but I am not there to see it so it is so hard to say. It commonly will take a few weeks for that to heal on it's own with meticulous cleaning and good wound care.

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Open wound after breast augmentation.

As long as this is a superficial process related to the sutures, removal of the suture and local care of the incision is usually all that is required.  A week or two would be expected for wound healing.  Continue to follow up with your doctor.

Incision Line Healing Problem after Breast Augmentation?

The problem you are experiencing does occur after breast augmentation surgery. As you mentioned, this problem is often related to a suture that  makes its way to the surface. Once this offending “foreign body” is removed,  the openings tend to heal quickly (over the course of one to 2 weeks at most).

 Continued close follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

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