Is there a way to improve upon my Moh's scar? (Photo)

I had Moh's in 2007 with skin and cartilage graft to the left nostril. It has left my nose with noticeable asymmetry and a scar. I have had CO2 laser 2x in the past year with improvement to the texture of the skin. Any suggestions for further improvement? Thanks in advance.

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Improvement upon scar following skin cancer surgery and reconstruction

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Your best option is to meet and discuss with a surgeon that performs a large number of complicated reconstructions on the nose. You mention problems with asymmetry and scarring. Laser resurfacing will improve the surface of the skin (i.e. texture and appearance of scar) but will do little to improve upon the asymmetry. That will likely require a revision surgery which is not that unusual for a complicated surgical defect (i.e. you mentioned the repair required a skin and cartilage graft). Sometimes soft-tissue fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane may help, but your best option is to discuss the situation with a doctor that does a large number of complicated repairs. If you're not satisfied with the doctor you are currently seeing, don't hesitate to get another opinion. Good luck.

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