Hyperpigmentation from Laser Hair Removal?

Im 20 year old male and i recently bought the silkn sensipil. Which is an at home do it yourself FDA approved laser hair removal device. I bought primarily for my chest. Ive been using it on other parts of my body with success so far however when i used it on my chest it left brown scar like squares all across my chest (possibly burns?) Will these fade away? Also am of brown complexion so my skin tone is darker but the skin color sensor on the device approves of my skin in the safe area.

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Hyperpigmentation After Laser Hair Removal

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We call this effect post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and this is an adverse event that is more common in darker-skinned individuals but surely can occur in all skin colors. Hyperpigmentation after laser hair removal usually is not permanent. The risks of laser treatment include pigment changes and scarring.  Permanent side effects are rare. It is a result of your skin producing more melanin in response to the heat from the laser.  Your body will work to restore homeostasis and the pigmentation will fade. I advise you to protect yourself from the sun to prevent the dark areas from getting worse.

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Laser Hair Removal and Hyperpigmentation

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Thank you for your question. At home devices can be imperfect and are not the safest options for hair removal. I would recommend avoiding sun exposure to the chest due to an increased chance of prolonged pigmentation and burning . Also, make sure to apply sunscreen with zinc daily to avoid darkening of the pigmentation. I hope this helps!

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