Is there any way to get a free breast reduction?

I'm a 24 year old female. I have severe back pain almost all the time and my ribcage hurts all the time. My breasts are a size 38HH and I can't afford to pay for the surgery on my own. Are there any programs that could help me get a breast reduction? I have now begun to get rashes underneath my breast because sweat gets trapped. I've tried baby powder to attempt to at least absorb some sweat but it doesn't work.

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Is there any way to get a free breast reduction?

If you don't have insurance coverage that will cover your breast reduction, soon you will have to enroll for Obamacare and you should be able to have your surgery done. However, you can also come into contact with the nearest plastic surgery residency program. They usually have clinics run by plastic surgery residents who will perform your surgery under supervision by experienced faculty. Best of Luck.

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Is there any way to get a free breast reduction?

It sounds as if you would easily qualify for a breast reduction through your health insurance program.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Reduction and Health Insurance Coverage

If breast reduction is a procedure that is covered by your health insurance policy, then you will likely be able to find a surgeon in the Seattle area that can do your procedure. Some health insurance policies restrict coverage for breast reduction surgery. Some insurers do not pay for the procedure at all.

Scott C. Sattler, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Breast reduction

I thoroughly agree with the previous answer - hopefully you can find a residency program in your area that would do the surgery

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Reduction at No Cost?

Probably you won't find a way to get a reduction at no cost, but you might see if there is a teaching medical program at a University near you. You might be able to get surgery done by the residency program at a greatly reduced rate. Otherwise you might look into financing your surgery through a company such as Care Credit. Good luck!

Miguel Delgado, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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