Is there an alternative to palatal expansion surgery in adults?

I am 29 years old. I have a posterior crossbite on the left side of my mouth. I also have crowding in the front (both upper and lower jaw) with top right incisor pushed out of alignment. I have all my teeth including wisdom teeth. The ortho suggested I have the expansion surgery with the possibility of first premolars still needing to be removed. Is surgery the only option to correct the crossbite and misaligned incisor?

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Is there an alternative to palatal expansion surgery in adults?

You can leave the crossbite untreated and only correct anterior crowding since your crowded front teeth are probably your main concern. The other option might be to use a NiTi palatal expander appliance that slowly pushes and tips your teeth instead of splitting a midpalatine suture.

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Alternative to palatal expander in an adult

Yes there is an alternative to palatal expansion in adults-  Damon braces, if utilized correctly, can develop the upper jaw of an adult and avoid the use of surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion in adults.   I would get a consult from a certified Damon braces provider which can be found at I hope that helps!

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