Does the Weight from the Filler Drag Down the Face After a While?

Just wondering for cheeck fillers, if the muscle drags down more after a while because of this weight.

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Do fillers weigh down the face?

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Fillers actually lift the tissues of the face by restoring volume which is lost with aging.  This is especially true when injected into the mid face below the eyes and around the upper cheeks and temples.  Also they help to pull the skin back when injected in the area in front of the ears.  Not all fillers provide the same lift, a characteristic known as G prime.  As a rule, the denser the filler, the more lift.

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Fillers and tissue movement

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Fillers are injected eith in the deep dermis or superficial subcutaneous tissue.  Thereore, they shoudl not pull muscle down. They actually lift the more superficial soft tissue and will not weigh them down.

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