How Long Does a Permanent Filler Last in the Tear Troughs?

I had my tear troughs injected with a filler for 3 years now. It looked great the first 18 months but now it lumped out. My doctor is insisting that it is Resty but Resty would not last 3 years right? My under eyes look puffy and deformed, I'm tired of having to explain to people of what is wrong with me. I heard that a permanent filler would never go away. I'm not sure what he used but it could be some Alcamid thing. Please help me.

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Fillers in tear trough

Restylane and other hyaluronics in the tear trough usually alst 6 months or longer and sometimes if placed very superficially have lasted even longer.I would cautin the sue of permanent fillers in this region.

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Fillers in the tear troughs

IMO permanent fillers are dangerous in the tear troughs and I prefer Restylane.  I tell patients it lasts about a year bit I have actually seen some last 3 years so what you have might actually be Restylane.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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