What is the Best Solution in my 5mm Gap Teeth to Close in 2 Months? Cost? (photo)

but im here now in israel..can you suggest me a dentist here?

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I do not recommend to close a 5mm gap in 2 months.

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The first thing to do have a complete exam with x-rays. What caused the gap? Is there an underlying bone or gum problem that caused this?

Bonding or veneering to close the gap can be done in one visit but it would make the teeth look way too wide and I do not recommend this.

Provided there are no other problems, this gap will take more than 2 months to close. The bone and ligaments need slow movements to avoid bone loss or root resorption.  Also, the teeth and roots need to move as a whole-- not just tip them.

Your teeth seem to have nice shape and color so I would stay away from veneers. In order to close the gap the teeth need to be pushed back. This means that the lower teeth also need to be pushed back to allow the movement. This means you will need to treat all upper and lower teeth to achieve this. It may take close to 8 months or more.

You can move the teeth closer and create equal spaces among the 4 anterior teeth and then use bonding or veneers to close all the spaces. This would distribute the tooth sizes so the the front teeth don't look so wide. This would still take more than 2 months.

I recommend you do full braces or maybe invisalign.

Hope this helps.

Dr. T 

Miami Beach Dentist

Closing the large gap

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Closing the gap is going to require more than just bonding or veneers. You may beed a combination of orthodontics and resorative to satisfy your esthetic demands.  I would consult with both a orthdontist and someone that does lots of cosmetic dentistry to see what your options are.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Closing Gap and maintaining balance

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That is not a small gap.  Bonding or veneers will not look good without ortho.

An old technique to place an ortho elastic around the centrals to tip them together.  You can then bond them together and do veneers (comp or ceramic) and close the new gaps by building up the laterals.  This will alllow creation of golden proportion or close with the tooth size looking appropriate.  

Closing a gap can create bad esthetics if not done well.

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Closure of gap of 5mm in 2 months is difficult.

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This gap between your teeth is quite large and as it seems may be difficult to close in a hurry.  It will probably require a combination of orthodontics and some veneering or bonding to close the gap completely.

B'arretz you have a few great clinics to consider:

1) Bichacho Clinic
    14 Weizman Street,
    Tel Aviv,

2)  Smile Center
     68 Achuza St.,
     Eliav Center,

3) Dr Talya Dayan
    36 Yehuda Hanasi St,
    Tel Aviv

Hope this helps.

Dr. Hagi


Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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