Im 14 and I Have a Gap in my Two Font Teeth. Can Anything Other Than Braces to Fix It?

Im 14 and have a gap in my two front teeth and i wouldnt mind braces but i just want to know is there anything other than braces that i can do to fix my teeth?

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Closing a Gap at 14 Years Old

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The best option for you to close the gap between your front teeth at your age is traditional braces.  If you were older porcelain veneers would be an option.  At 14 you should consider getting braces and you will end up with a fantastic result.  Many times braces can now be completed in 12-18 months.  Good luck.  

Options to close Gap between front teeth for a 14 year old

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Hi...I am glad you mentioned your age.  At fourteen years old, I would not close the gap with veneers!  I think that your options, other than traditional braces, are Teen Invisalign or you have the teeth bonded.  Teen Invisalign will move the front teeth together and it is a permanent fix providing you follow through with wearing retainers to keep the teeth from moving back once the gap is closed.  Bonding, which is a semi temporary fix, will close the gap also but it does not last for a long period of time and usually chips and the teeth will require rebonding again.There is a big difference in price here.  Teen Invisalign and Braces are going to cost you much more than a simple bonding but I would suggest Teen Invisalign is the route to go!  Hope this helps

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Options for space between front teeth at age 14

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You live in a great time!  Lots of choices.  If you don't want traditional braces,  Invisalign clear braces, which are like clear removable retainers, may be an option if your teeth are developed enough.  Also Bonding white composite filling material to the sides of your teeth may give you everything you want very quickly.  There are also veneers but they might require shaving teeth and I would not recommend that due to your young age.  Only do things that don't damage your teeth.  Talk to your dentist.  If he is good, he won't steer you wrong.  Best of Luck!

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There is Invisalign

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You can do Invisalign: a set of clear aligners.

Aligners  are clear trays made in shape of your teeth and are completely transperent. You wear them 24/7, and you take them off - yes, you can do it on your own in 2 seconds - only for the food or drink.

You dentist changes your aligner every two weeks checking the progress. If you have no other problem besides that gap, treatment will be pretty short - maybe 2-3 months.

Before starting treatment you will actually see a movie of how your teeth move with each aligner and what they are going to look like in the end.

Madalina Manea, DDS
New York Dentist

Gap between two front teeth

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It is hard to answer your questions without either a photo or more information but other than braces you have a couple of options to close a space - bonding ( filing material placed between your teeth), veneers ( which at 14 I would not do at this point) and then invisalign teen.  All should be options for you to choose from. Consult a local dentist to see what you have to choose from.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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