I Want The Look Of Buck Teeth, How Can This Be Achieved?

How can I find an orthodontist willing to give me buck teeth and charge the normal price? So far, none will do it but one and he wanted $7000 without even examining me first. There must be someone that will do it. I love buck teeth so...don't ask why. :)

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Requesting A Buck Tooth Look

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I must say that if this is a serious question than it would be the first time that I have ever heard of this request.  To answer your question, I do not think that any orthodontist should consider giving you this look.  To move  the upper teeth into your desired position would probably require that they not be sitting in sufficient bone.  This could lead to mobility and gum inflammation as you get older .  I think that anyone that would do this for you would not be providing you a good service.    

Buck Teeth Look

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Since this is such an unusual request, that is the reason your are probably not getting a response.  It is certainly your right to have whatever look you desire, but be sure and have the orthodontist review thoroughly the pros and cons of this change.  Sometimes putting teeth in a "Buck tooth" arrangement can cause bone or gum problems you may later regret.  All you can do is keep trying to find someone by calling around and letting them know you are serious as most people are actually trying to correct from the "Buck tooth" look you are requesting.  They will probably require you to sign an informed consent document to make such a change.

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