The Risk of Tip Rhinoplasty (the Stablity of Cartilages)? Along with Alarplasty for Asian Nose? (photo)

I want a subtle change to get the tip slimmer with a natural contouring, while not as thin as an ideal Caucasian one looks outof balance with my face.A thesis said itis possible to narrow nd refine the tip without making it pinched,but also cause the cartilage structure instable.I’m afraid of the deformity years later. So can i get a procedure like"Domal Stabilization Suture"or the technique has improved further? Can my alars be reduced slightly keeping the natural curve without noteable scar?

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Alar Base Reduction and Tip Narrowing

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    The alar base can be narrowed with very minimal scar and the rest of the tip rhinoplasty can be performed in closed fashion including suture stabilization.  The less manipulation of the tip the less chance of collapse.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who has performed hundreds of rhinoplasties.

Asian tip rhinoplasty

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thank you for your inquiry and the photo.


Rhinoplasty of the Asian nasal tip certainly takes skill and a focus on the Asian face. Despite what some people may think based on the appearance of an Asian person's nose cartilage is often very flimsy. Additionally, to get a noticeable result some surgeons feel you have to respect cartilage aggressively or even within the skin over the tip. And as you said it does cause some deformity, or at least can, over the years. Because of these two things additional cartilage grafting is almost always required in my cases to ensure that the tip stays in position and maintains its appearance for several years if not a lifetime. Trimming the Alar cartilages should be done very conservatively and stabilization sutures are fine but without a septal extension draft or columella strut the tip can droop or take on an unwanted shape several months to years later. All of these things can be performed under local anesthesia and my preferred source for cartilage graft is the ear with the septum being a very close second. You will not require any rib grafts or anything more than a single year graft.your tip can certainly be refined that should be done so in such a way it does not change the overall look of your face. I also would discourage you from any aggressive nasal base reduction, although, nasal base reduction when done conservatively creates a very nice overall reduction in the volume of the nose and the illusion that the tip and everything else is more sleek and defined.


I hope that helps


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