What's the best way to remove a mole I have under my left eye? (photo)

I've had it since I was 4, my family doc told me it was non-cancerous. It has the circumference of approx a pencil eraser, maybe slightly larger. It is about 1-3 cm below my eye and it is flat.

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Flat Moles Can Be Removed Safely & Easily By Scalpel Sculpting & Dermaplaning

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While all techniques for removing moles (aka nevi, birth marks, beauty marks), particularly those that are perfectly flat, can leave a small scar, I have found that scalpel sculpting followed by dermaplaning the quickest, most effective, and most gratifying method for removing them. Scalpel sculpting involves removing the surface of the mole flush with the surrounding skin contours. Dermaplaning involves using a scalpel to abrade the edges of the resulting wound so that it blends better with the surrounding normal tissue. Both procedures, performed following the use of a local anesthetic, are painless and the skin under the eyes (like that of the upper eyelid) tends to heal especially well. I have been using this combined technique for nearly thirty years with consistently pleasing results. For more information on this approach to flat mole removal, you can check out the archives of Realself.com under the key words, "scalpel sculpting" and "dermaplaning," or you may check out my website.

Removal of flat mole under eye

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Since the mole under your eye is flat, I would say your best option for removal is to have it excised. This would remove the entire mole but you would be trading it for a small scar. In the area under the eye, the skin normally heals very well and in the best scenario, the scar would be less noticeable than the mole.

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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