The Master Cleanse Before Breast Augmentation?

Hi. I started the Master Cleanse (lemonade/cayenne fast) 3 days ago and was hoping to stay on it until before my surgery scheduled for Feb 8. I was wondering if this was safe to do? I have read that cayenne pepper can act as a blood thinner and do not want to hinder my surgery. I have stopped all other medications and quit smoking and was hoping this cleanse would help detoxify my body and aid in post operative healing. So my question is, is the master cleanse safe to do before surgery? Thanks.

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Master Cleanse Before Breast Augmentation

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   This type of thing hinders nutritional support prior to surgery, and I would not recommend it.  In addition, if the individual ingredients are unstudied or shown to produce side effects, these things should be discontinued.   Tell your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Fasting for long periods before surgery

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Hello. You should stop the master cleanse immediately. Fasting for long periods before surgery would actually hinder wound healing do to lack of nutrients and like you said cayenne can thin your blood. All multivitamins should be avoided prior to surgery do to risk that they may thin the blood which would cause excess bleeding. The best thing for you to do before your surgery would be to eat healthy.

Jaime Perez, MD
Breast Augmentation Specialist
Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa

Cleanse before surgery

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I agree with the other surgeons, you should avoid this kind of special diet before surgery.  Please consider eating normal, healthy foods prior to your surgery.  It will prepare your body the best for your recovery.

Best to stop herbal products prior to elective surgery

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If you have any question about any herbal product that you are taking then it is best to stop it prior to any elective plastic surgical procedure.

Nutrition Before Surgery

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I suggest stopping your "Master Cleanse" before undergoing any type of surgery.  Some of these formulas contain substances that have blood thinning properties and will increase your risk of post-op bleeding.  Also, a well balance diet and good nutrition is important in proper healing.

Martin O`Toole, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Evidence for "De-Toxifying" Cleanses Weak

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I would recommend stopping all supplements and cleanses before surgery.  It is difficult to know exactly what is in them and how the constituents may interact with anesthesia medicines and your ability to clot.  Cleanses do not have a lot of scientific evidence behind them and there is no evidence that they de-toxify the body or help with healing.  Be safe...stop cleansing.

Master Cleanse Before Breast Augmentation?

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Many thanks for the question however I am rather surprised where from you got this information or recommendation to do so.One does not need any preparation for any surgery expect to be healthy and stop taking any blood thinners like aspirin ,persentine or similar products  and stop smoking for 3 months. A healthy patient is a better candidate than a fasting one. It  neither helps surgery not the healing. Kindly consult your PS.

Fasting before surgery

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Healing requires adequate nutrition. Fasting will lead to nutritional deficiencies and electrolyte imbalances. There is also a strong possibility of interfering with clotting of the blood and alterations in respose to anesthetic agents. You should stop all fasts and supplements which can cause these problems for at least 2 weeks before surgery. Consult your surgeon as well. Good luck with your surgery.

Master cleanse and breast surgery

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Personally I would avoid all these special diets before surgery because they may contain substances that can cause problems for surgery. Just eat healthy foods.

Do not master cleanse before surgery

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Before doing anything that could affect your electrolyte balance, you should discuss with your plastic surgeon. The cleanse will not help with post op healing and can cause bleeding which would be a negative as well as complicate the anesthesia. You should stop the cleanse, notify your surgeon and, frankly, do not try to self prescribe a regimen without medical approval.

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