What's the Difference Between Exilis and Lipo Laser?

Hello, I was just wondering the difference of Exilis and Lipo Laser I know that exilis will also not help reduce stubborn fat but also help with skin tightening, but Laser Lipo also helps reduce fat as well. I had a baby 6 years ago and the only problem I have right now is the little stubborn fat in my lower abdomen due to pregnancy and was wondering what is better between those two.

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Exilis versus

Exilis is a monopolar radiofrequency device that is applied to the skin by a provider.  Heat builds in the skin over time, which increases stimulates collagen for some tightening and decreases small amounts of fat.  Contour improvement may be obtained with an experienced provider.  "Lipo Laser" which is also known as lipolite is a laser assisted liposuction procedure performed by a physician.  There is much more control of contour and fat removal.  The procedure is invasive.  Fat is removed through a cannula. A laser is used to heat the skin from within, to tighten.  One can actually visualize the fat removed and see the contour when after procedure is finished.  I recommend you seek a opinions from two or more office that offer Exilis and Lipolite.  It is impossible to determine which procedure is best for you without assessing your abdomen. 

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Exilis is not laser lip

Exilis uses monopolar radiofrequency to recontour fat distribution this is completely different approach than laser lipo.

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