What is the difference between a all on four dental implants and denture? Does the all on four show the gum line when you smile?

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Difference Between All on 4 and Dentures

The major difference between All on 4 and a denture is that the All on 4 is implant supported and the denture is tissue supported. The denture rests on the gums and retention is passive, relying on “suction” created by the “fit” of the denture. Therefore, depending on a person’s anatomy and the skill of the dentist, the denture may be more secure or loose. A denture is fabricated using an acrylic base and teeth made of various materials. A denture also covers more surface area of the mouth which can affect the taste of food. 
The All on 4 is more secure and mimics natural teeth as they are generally attached to the implants using screws. They can be removed by the dentist but not by the patient. The materials used for All on 4 are typically stronger as well.
The gum line depends on the amount of bone loss experienced by the patient. Even with higher levels of bone loss, excellent aesthetics can be achieved by the dentist and a quality dental lab.

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All on 4 procedure

The all on 4 procedure is completely different form a regular denture, the denture has flanges (pink acrylic extensions that cover all the facial portion of your ridge and a full palate, the all on 4 does not have this, it is more like a fixed bridge.

Usually on a all on 4 the type of prosthesis that goes on top of the implants is called a hybrid that has pink on it but does not cover the ridge like the denture so when the patient smiles you can usually see some "gums", how much that depends on the patients specific characteristics like low or high smile line, hyperactive lip, bone reabsorption, etc.

All this is assessed on the patient prior to starting the treatment but it is extremely hard to asseverate if you will show gum or not with out a clinical examination in order to consider all this factors.

All on four and esthetics

All on four is a minimal option for fixed non-removable tooth replacement. It's very expensive for what you get and better off getting 2-3 implants with a denture on top (removable). The Esthetics are horrible, you will spit when you talk and hiss a lot of air when you try to enunciate certain words. It's a form of under treatment in hopes of saving money and not worth it! Not a fan based on the past 12 years of seeing results from my colleagues. Good luck! 

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All on 4

The All On 4 is an hybrid fixed bridge that gets screwed over the dental implants previously placed (it could be an All on 4 or All on 6) It has no pink gum, because it rests over your own gums while they are screwed over your implants. Depends as well of the patient's oral condition if they will be needing the Snap On Dentures or the All On 4. Examination is required. Aesthetically, both look good. It depends in the patient's oral condition and preference on which one you chose. Hope this helps.

All on 4 bridge vs. conventional denture.

A conventional denture uses soft tissue of the gums for support and retention. Because of the softness of gums this will usually result in some degree of instability. With a denture both the teeth and gums are replaced so that we can provide beautiful aesthetics. All on 4 bridges use 4 or more dental implants to stabilize a structure that can be made of material similar to dentures or materials that are more aesthetically pleasing. In all of these types of bridges both the gums and teeth are replaced in order to provide beautiful aesthetics. The real difference is stability and footprint. One is easily removable the other is fixed in place. Hope this helps.

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An All-on-4 prosthesis should NOT show the gumline

If the All-on-4 case is properly planned, the gumline should NOT be showing. It is important to address this issue before the dental implants are placed. When a patient presents to my office with a "gummy" smile and asks for an All-on-4, I have to do some modification to the underlying bone during the All-on-4 procedure in order to properly prepare it so that the gumline does not show. 

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All on Four vs Dentures

The All-on-Four is fixed into place, whereas the denture is removable. The All-on-Four utilizes dental implants. When comparing the two options, All-on-Four is so much better than a traditional denture. The gum line may be visible with All-on-Four or a denture. The transition line should be hidden though above the lip line so it is not visible in a smile.

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Permanently Fixed Hybrid Bridge

The G4 Implant Solution provides a permanent bridge for the entire upper and/or lower set of teeth in just 1 visit. The procedure is best for patients in dentures, or with significant tooth loss or decay, and for people whose bone loss in the jaw area prevents them from getting traditional dental implants. The G4 Implant Solution is the only solution to provide a PERMANENT FIXED BRIDGE in just 1 visit.

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Difference between all on 4 and dentures

There are many differences

Denture - Plastic teeth rest on your gums and move when you chew
All on 4 - The teeth rest on the implants and there is no movement when you chew

Denture - You continue to lose bone and the denture will become more loose over time
All on 4 - The implants maintain the bone

Denture - Covers a lot of the mouth
All on 4 - Minimal coverage

Denture - Chewing efficiency not as good
All on 4 - Chewing efficiency very good 

Denture - loss of bone causes loss of facial support
All on 4 - maintains facial support

Hope that answers your questions. Wish you all the best in your journey

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Dentures vs All on 4s

All on 4's are an implant-supported denture that are permanently fixed whereas a denture is removable. All on 4 dental implants look very natural and behave much more like natural teeth than dentures do.

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