Hi! Can the Coolsculpting new coolfit applicator can be used for calves?

I am 5.5 and weight 114. I'm small but tend to store fat in legs. I already got a liposuction in thighs 3 years ago and I'm not 100% happy with the results because the inner thighs have irregularities. I'm thinking I could use the coolfit for legs and would love to include the calves (supposing that my calves have fat which I think they do). Will coolsculpting improve the appearance of my skin or should I think on a second liposuction?

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CoolSculpting on calves

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Your question is a good one.  The CoolFit applicator would not be able to vacuum up the very tight and fibrous skin on the calves. The newest CoolSmooth applicator is intended for the outer thighs and is flat and is not a vacuum applicator; perhaps this is the one you were asking about. This applicator wraps around, but still requires complete skin contact to work, and it is likely that your calves are not large enough to provide this contact.  There is no shared experience about treating the calves, so anticipated side effects would not be known.

However, I have seen the irregularities of the inner thighs after liposuction improve with CoolSculpting and the CoolFit applicator would be ideal for this. Perhaps you would like to have a consultation and think about starting with this area?

Cool Sculpting Using Cool Smooth

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The newest applicator is the Cool Snooth which is FDA approved for the lateral thigh. You should be seen and examined to have all of your Cool sculpting options explained. 

Coolsculpting for Calves

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Coolsculpting does not have FDA approval for calves. Based on feedback from the company, the results for calves are mixed. Proceed with caution.

Coolfit applicator and indications

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The new coolfit applicator is designed to treat the inner thighs.  The new coolsmooth applicator treats the outer thighs.  Neither applicator is FDA approved for the calves and based on the configuration of the pieces would probably not work well in that area.  For the best cosmetic advice please consult a board certified dermatologist  with experience in coolsculpting and the new applicators.

"If you can grab it, then it can be treated"

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CoolSculpting will help with excess fat. "If you can grab it, then it can be treated" is the usual mantra with this device. So if there is an irregularity frmo a previous lipo procedure, this might not be the first thing to treat your skin with. If you are concerned about fat, and the fat is in the area where the suction can work, then there will be some changes made. One interesting note is that many of us are now using other modalities with our CoolSculpting device -- like VelaShape III and the new Z Wave -- to help make the procedures work better; we are getting better results with the combination than the one device alone.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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