What's the Average Number of Trays Needed for Invisalign Refinement?

About how long does it take to reach the ideal alignment?

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Invisalign Refinement

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Hi-- There is no average number of refinement trays for invisalign as it will depend on the difficulty of the case (ie. did the case originially have 15 trays or 38 trays) as well as how the doctor sets the invisalign case up. On average, I like to keep the refinement trays to less than 10 trays, but that doesn't always happen.

New York Orthodontist

Number of aligners for invisalign refinement.

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An Invisalign refinement is a series of aligners used to enhance the position of teeth after the course of original treatment is finished.  This enhancement may involve the use of a couple of aligners 2-3 to do minor enhancement and can also range to a dozen if the enhancement is more substantial.  Most refinements are less than 10 aligners though I have had some that involved a more significant number of aligners.

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Average number of trays for an invisalign refinement

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There is no average time or number of trays for invisalign refinement.  Too many variable to give an estimate.  I have had patients that need 6-10 aligners and i have patients that need 20 aligners for refinement.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Invisalign Refinement time and number of trays

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It is hard to give an answer relating to the average number of trays/aligners needed for Invisalign Refinement because the need for Refinement is affected by many variables and factors such as difficulty of the overall case and how well clinical goals of treatment follow the computer models. Of course, a satisfactory result is always meant to be accomplished with the fewest number of aligners and shortest time frame.

Time for treatment with Invisalign varies for each person

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There is no average time or number of trays for Invisalign refinement.  If an error was caught early in treatment and the case was due to go 30 aligners, then there may be 20 more to go.  If an error was caught at the end, then only 5 or 6 might be needed.

There are too many variables to be able to say an average.

Average number of trays for refinements

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It has been my experience that the number of original treys that you have from Invisalign treatment is usually two to three times the number of Invisalign refinement treys that you will receive.  In other words, if you start with 20 Invisalign trace initially, the refinements would have be any where between 7 to 10 trace.  Of course, this depends on each specific patient’s malocclusion as well as the severity of crowning pretreatment.  Our goal in Invisalign treatment is to get the majority of the movements with initial treys and then the smaller movements with the refinement treys.  Hence, most of the time, we are able to do this in 10 treys or less.

Ron D. Wilson, DMD
Gainesville Orthodontist

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