What Are Good Whitening/bleaching Products To Use With Invisalign?

I've read around that nitewite is the best. Is there a product that is equally as good, and cheaper, possibly? I also tried looking for the 10% but only found the 22%. I read online that I shouldn't try to bleach too much or too often so I was trying to look for a lower percentage. Thank you!

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Invisalign and teeth whitening

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In situations when patients undergo Invisalign treatment they should consult with their orthodontist, or dentist who prescribed Invisalign. But whitening the teeth with Invisalign is NOT a good idea and is not recommended due to a number of reason. It can damage the attachment of Invisalign "bracket" if you have them. It can damage the sift tissue. And the time during whitening period when the patient has different tray can cause a relapse of all orthodontic movement. You should wait till the end of Invisalign treatment in order to achieve stable safe whitening result.

Whitening during Invisalign

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NOT A GOOD IDEA!  Invisalign is a great orthodontic process that uses thin, clear, retainers to move the teeth.  It is a 24/7 procedure for many months.  Whitening is a short term procedure.  Overuse of these gels can potentially cause damage to the tooth and will probably cause a substantial sensitivity problem.  Although most dentist supplied whitening gels are safe to use in the aligners, the temptation to overuse them is great.

When our patients come to the end of their Invisalign treatment, we will often provide a complimentary  whitening gel supply to use during the last two weeks of treatment with their final aligner.  The patient gets a great looking and bright smile and the office prevents overuse of the whitening product.

Marc Zive, DMD
Springfield Dentist

Can you do whitening with invisalign

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I do not recommend using the whitening liquid in the invisalign .The fit may not be proper holding place, and the time the whitening material remais on the surfaces of the teeth is not optimum. You have to be careful about the strength of the whitening cream as well. Any whotening material that you can get from your dentist is fine. My favorite are " Discus dental" products. 

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

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Best teeth whitening products

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There are many good teeth whitening products available nowadays.  The professional strength products are available only from a dentist's office and have roughly about the same cost regardless of the brand.  If you are concerned with using a whitener that is "too strong", then perhaps you should try an over-the-counter product?  You can still have the same sensitivity as with professional products, but they are less expensive and generally do not whiten as well.  Also, when using a product with less strength, keep in mind that it will take longer to achieve a whiter smile.  Finally, there are different types of active ingredients with varying strengths and percentages (e.g., carbamide peroxide vs. hydrogen peroxide), so do your research and read your labels carefully to ensure you are comparing like products. 

There are Lots of Great "Tray" type Teeth Whitening Products

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You really dont have to look too far to find a product that will work.  Some are available at your local pharmacy and others you can get from your dentist.  There are also some teeth whitening companies online that make whitening products that deliver results as good as many of the professional products you can get from your dentist.  Nitewhite is good and will provide great results.  The Best product depends on what exactly is most important to you....cost vs. speed of whitening vs. sensitivity issues vs. ease of use, etc.

The lower percentage gels can be used for longer periods of time safely.  If you are planning on using a higher percentage bleaching gel, I would recommend using it for a smaller amount of time and not leaving it in over night.  Some products are only designed to be used for an hour or so at a time. 

The biggest issue that causes bleaching to become problematic is the gel touching the gums and "burning" them.  The lower percentage products are less likely to do this and cause sensitivity.  It is very unlikely that you would damage your teeth using whitening products, unless you used them everyday for extended periods of time.

All the Best.

Whitening products

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Any of the syringe type bleach products you can purchase from the dental office (often called touch up kits) will suffice.  Depending  if you have temperature sensitive teeth, you may want to go with a lower percentage bleach (10%) and bleach for about 1-2 weeks.  A higher percentage bleach (22%) is good for getting bleach results faster.  Some kits do come with an additional fluoride gel you can place in your trays after bleaching to help cut down sensitivity.  Hope this helps!

Many bleach brands work well

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I would steer clear from online sources of bleach, as they are poorly regulated and there is risk you aren't getting what you thought.  The best method is to purchase from your dentist so you know what you are getting and they can monitor for any collateral damage.  It is very safe, but some abuse CAN occur.

I like Nite White.

Teeth Whitening With Invisalign Trays

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Teeth whitening can definitely be accomplished using your Invisalign trays.  You can get the bleach in different concentrations of peroxide.  The 22% concentration is the best if you do not have sensitivity with your teeth in general.  If you will wear them for 5-7 days for approximately one hour each session you will get a great result.  Good luck.

Whitening with Orthodontic Aligners??

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A popular promotion is to provide free whitening when you purchase clear aligner orthodontics.  This is performed at the same time you are undergoing treatment using the aligner trays to retain the bleach.  While this may give you some whitening effect, in my opinion, this is not the best way to go about it.  Studies show that the effectiveness and longevity of whitening is directly related to the amount of time that the whitening agent is in contact with the teeth.  Aligner trays do not seal at the gumline and as a result the whitener leaks out quickly and is mixed with saliva, reducing its efficacy.  A better approach is to complete your orthodontic treatment then have trays fabricated that fit well and seal at the gumlines.  This way you will keep the bleach in the trays, keep saliva out and get beautiful results.  Your trays will last longer and can then be used for the touch ups that are necessary to maintain your new shade.

Gary Nack, DDS
Philadelphia Dentist

Whitening products along with Invisalign

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Whitening with Invisalign can be difficult.  Normal Whitening trays are fabricated to the exact fitting of the teeth therefore, bleach trays are not able to be used since the Invisalign is moving your teeth.  You need to ask your orthodontist whether the type of Invisalign trays you are using can work with a whitening agent or not.  You do have the option of having an in office Power Bleach which takes about an hour.  It is more costly but no take home whitening products are required. 

Keith Blankenship, DDS
Jacksonville Dentist

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