Teeth with Short Roots and Braces?

My 9 year old son's front teeth has short roots. The teeth are protruding and he's overbite so he needs braces. We saw 2 orthodontists with different approaches. What is correct - long treatment and light forces or short treatment with more force? The cause of short roots seems to be genetics, no trauma but thumb sucking til 3 years old. He also grinds his teeth at night. What should I do to prepare him for orthodontic treatments. I can provide copy of x-ray if needed. Thank you

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Braces to straighten teeth with short roots

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Light forces are always less traumatic to teeth and generally work better.  With regard to the short roots, I would confirm the short roots by taking x-rays from different angles.  If the teeth are severely flared, taking x-rays that are not parallel to the roots can cause distortion and make the roots seem much shorter than they really are.

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Short roots and braces?

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In most cases light continues forces will move teeth the best with least amount of damage good luck


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