Tear Trough and Varicose Vein - Is Dermal Filler Safe?

I have, to my understanding, three factors that originates dark circles under my eyes: 1. Tear trough def 2. Varicose Veins along the Tear trough 3. Blueish appearance due to thin skin under eyes

My questions: - is possible to have fillers avoiding vein damage and subsequent bruising? - What is the best method to eliminate these varicose veins? heard that lasers are unable to eliminate big veins like these. -Is there a way to eliminate the bluish-red apearance of my lower eyelid?

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Tear Trough Correction Options

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The depressions that cast shadows of your lower lids can be improved with fillers or fat preserving blepharoplasty either transconjunctival or incision beneath lash line approaches
Regarding fillers:. In this area it is very important to have an experienced injector so as not to place the filler too close to the skin. I would recommend trying Jeuvederm or Restylane first as they are not permanent and can be reversed if you do not like the result. If you do like the result, then fat transfer is a good option for a more permanent correction

Tear trough treatment

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To treat the tear trough, delicate injection of facial fillers like restylane are possible to give an improved appearance.  I would personally avoid using silicone because it may cause  long term problems.

The appearance of your lower eyelid veins may diminish after your tear trough is filled.

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I I reviewed the photo of your right lower eyelid. Your deep eyelid groove may be filled with a dermal filler to reduce it's prominence. My personal preference is Silikon-1000 for permanent results. I have seen improvement in the appearance of superficial veins in the lower eyelids after the groove is filled. If your doctor inadvertently traumatizes a small vein, you may get a bruise that could last up to 2 weeks. The blue hue of your lower eyelid skin will not likely improve with a filler treatment as this is likely due to years of chronic nasal allergy.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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