Can You Exercise the Same Day As Injectable Fillers?

after a restalyne injection in the NSL folds or lips, is it ok to move your lips to eat and drink? Is it ok to go to yoga class or exercise THAT SAME DAY OR THE NEXT DAY after the filler is injected? will the product migrate from doing a handstand or other inversion in a yoga class, for example?

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Fillers and work outs

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While it is probably OK to go to the gym, it may induce more bruising from the increased heart rate and blood pressure fromt he workout. 

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I generally advise no vigourous exercise on the day of fillers

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I am not aware of any scientific studies on migration of fillers with exercise. That being stated I generally advise that my patients wait until the next day, Te main reason is to limit swelling from the injections,

Generally the patients are advised to take it easy and ice the area for the first 24 hours

I hope this helps.

J. Timothy Heffernan, MD
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