How to Fix Tattooed Eyebrows Discoloration?

My tattooed eyebrows turned orange. How can I fix them?

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Eyebrow tattoo correction

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The easiest option is to retatoo with a pigment to darken the typically fading tattoo. Laser removal of eyebrow tattoo can be costly, requires multiple treatments and  can be less than  complete. 

The  tattooing can be done  in the office. Fees range from $500-$700.

Annapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon

Difficult situation, but...

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One thing that I noted during skin resurfacing with CO2 laser, the tattoos faded.  There are other lasers that will also help fade the tattoo.  You may risk damaging hair follicles however.

Another option would be to go in for a touch up, using other pigments or brands of pigments.


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