Looking for in office teeth whitening for sensitive teeth?

I had zoom teeth whitening several years ago and the pain was excruciating. I would like another in office whitening, but has there been one developed for sensitive teeth? Even with the advil, etc, my teeth were still sensitive from the zoom.

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Looking for in office teeth whitening for sensitive teeth?

Zoom, and other in-office whitening techniques, uses a high percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Sensitivity is quite common but usually disappears by the next day. You could try doing home bleaching with custom trays and a lower percent of hydrogen peroxide. You can have your dentist give you fluoride to put in the bleaching trays which you will let stay in your mouth for 1/2 hour prior to bleaching. This helps a lot. Remember, no matter what percent of bleach you have, if you do home bleaching for 4 weeks, every day, your final shade will be the same. Your teeth can only bleach to their own color.

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In dental office teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

If the more concentrated whitening procedure was uncomfortable (i.e. Zoom), then I strongly suggest you use the home bleaching tray technique with desensitizers both before and after doing the 30-60 minute bleaching procedure. If still sensitive, your dentist can dispense a less concentrated home whitening gel and/or you can reduce the time you bleach your teeth. Also, any day that it is sensitive, consider skipping the next day before doing the home tray bleaching again.

BTW, Zoom is an excellent technique and may patients absolutely love the results. However, it is clearly not for everybody, especially patients with extremely sensitive teeth.

Norman Huefner, DDS
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