Is it normal to feel fluid when touching the top part of your breast after a BA?

When I touch the top part of my breast it almost feels like there is fluid moving around. I just want to make sure it's not the gel that has leaked. I might be freaking out over nothing

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Breast augmentation post op, some advices:

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Thanks for sharing your concerns with us.

In my practice, after performing a Breast Augmentation I recommend to my patients to limit the movement of the arms for two weeks. After that, you can move your arms taking care and always with common sense.
In this regard, it's not advisable to carry heavy weights to prevent the implant out of position, and allow the formation of the physiological capsule around the implant, also to avoid pain and breast swelling.
I recommend you to talk with your plastic surgeon about what you are feelling and be evaluated, also follow his advices.

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol.-

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Fluid on top of breast

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You don't say how many days/weeks post op you are but I would suspect that it is NOT silicone but I would follow up with your plastic surgeon and have him evaluate it.

Is it normal to feel fluid when touching the top part of your breast after a BA?

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If you recently had surgery, it is normal to feel or hear fluid when you move or touch your breasts. This will eventually subside with time.

Feeling fluid after augmentation x

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Thank you for your inquiry.  It is impossible to tell what you are seeing without examining you, so naturally you should follow up with your treating Plastic Surgeon if you have any concerns.  If you recently had surgery, this may be perfectly noermal.  I would not expect that you could feel the silicone gel, even with a failed implant.
Do follow up with your treating Plastic Surgeon and let them e amine you and come up with the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.  
Best wishes,

John J Obi, MD

John J. Obi, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation

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You did not mention whether you just had surgery, are you early post-op,  what pocket are the implants in.  Best to be evaluated in person.


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Yes it is.  But you don't want too much. Your surgeon can help with an assessment. It would be worrisome if there is a lot of bruising too.  

Virgil Willard, MD
High Point Plastic Surgeon

Very Normal and Common

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You may feel the sensation of fluid, swelling, squeaking, sloshing, and subcutaneous air (feels like Rice Krispies!) in the first 2-4 weeks after breast augmentation.  Virtually all of this resolves.


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It is quite common to have the sensation of fluid or even air after surgery. This resolves rather quickly. Sometime people hear "sounds" which is also normal. If everything else is progressing normally it seems you can relax and move forward with a positive attitude toward your recovery.

Second question from a very immediate postop case!

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It appears you posted these two questions immediately after your implant surgery on Saturday? Which is unusual to have surgery on a weekend. Why have YOU NOT returned to ask your chosen operative surgeon these very important questions of after care? Over the internet we really do not know your case. But I offer compression strap after a few days and at 1 week teach the patients the massage techniques. Did you use a "clinic" for your surgery?

Feeling fluid after a breast augmentation.

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It is not unusual to feel or have the sensation of fluid around the implants early on after a breast augmentation.  There is usually some air and fluid in the pocket where the implants sit.  The air and fluid usually get absorbed by the body over a few weeks and this feeling or sensation dissipates. 

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

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