Injector advised can't treat horizontal lines unless the glabella also done? Dysport total 50 U used, think I was under-dosed?

First timer with horizontal lines across forehead. Went to a large clinic and saw a RN, she said to treat my forehead lines I MUST also treat my glabella but I have no lines there and this wasn't my area of concern? She only uses Dysport and used a total of 50 units Dysport for my 11's and my forehead? Is it true to get the results I'd hoped for that I had to have my 11's done? If yes, was 40 units in the 11's enough with only 10 in forehead? No change to forehead at all! 11's have almost worked

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Dysport dosing to give a balanced look

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I have attached a link that might be helpful...

Hi Izzabella. The injections between the eyebrows yield a brow lift that helps balance the inability to lift the brows when the forehead is injected (the muscles in the forehead cause the horizontal lines-when injected you can't raise the eyebrows voluntarily).  Sometimes injecting only the forehead can make brows sit low/unarched.  A total dose of 50 units for both areas is low, but the recommendation should be based upon your examination of how deep the lines are and how strong the muscle contraction is. If you don't have the results you want, additional units can be added.  Hope you get the results your looking for!

Horizontal forehead lines and glabella treated with 50 units of Dysport

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In my opinion, the glabella does not need to be treated when treating the horizontal forehead lines with Dysport (or Botox).  In regards to the dose, I think 50 units is a fairly low dose to treat the forehead and glabella.  I would normally use around 120 units of Dysport to treat both those areas.  If the lines are not too bad, it may be possible to get some effect with around 30 units to each area, but the result would most likely not be as good or last as long.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Treating forehead alone with Dysport not as good as treating both glabella and forehead

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I like to treat both areas if you have forehead lines.  There are a couple reasons.  The lower lines in the forehead are treated by just the glabellar treatment.  Also, when one area, the forehead is treated, the patient tends to have more than usual expression in the glabella, even if it was minimal before.  A full treatment in glabella is at least 50 units, and the forehead is usually 16-30 units.  So you were under treated.  Sometimes I abbreviate the glabellar treatment if its not the main concern with 20 or 30 units, keeping the forehead the same

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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