Eyebrow transplant 7 weeks post op, horrible putting and scarring in recipient area. Any suggestions?

Hi, I am now 7 weeks post op, grafts have shed, redness has subsided, but what I am left with is very obvious, horrible pitting and scarring in receipient area. How long does this normally last? I have followed up with my surgeon who is avoiding the question, I was not informed that I my skin would be in such a horrible state after nearly two months, how much longer I have to cope with this? Knowing I am not entirely happy with the shape and would like to reshape once healed.... Thanks

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Pitted brows

Generally speaking, further detail about the procedure would be needed such as number of grafts per brow, post op regimen, etc...

To reduce pitting and redness, begin massaging the brows 2-3/week while showering.  Use a bit of shampoo to reduce friction while massaging the region with moderate pressure for about 5 minutes.  After shower, you can cover the brows with arnica or coconut oil.  This should begin improving the recipient region within a couple weeks.  Use of hydrocortisone 1% along with arnica and/or coconut oil also helpful.  

You will begin seeing improvement in the area in 1-2 weeks.  Hang in there.

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7 weeks post eyebrow transplant

Generally speaking, my eyebrow transplant patients are completely healed 4-5 days after the procedure.  There should be no pitting or scarring 7 weeks post op.  I would recommend you see another doctor for a 2nd opinion.  You can find good doctors from the ISHRS organization.

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