Swollen Lymph Nodes Immediately After Surgery Are Normal?

I've had a BIRADS4 lesion (5mm) showed on MRI, was told ir was not aggressive (type 2 curve) and probably benign. 3 weeks later I've had nipple-sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction (12 days ago). Today I notice a swollen node in my right armpit, ~1cm, soft, rubbery, painless. I noticed 1 in my left armpit too, more mobile. Is it normal to have swollen nodes in the armpit after this surgery? Or can this be caused by the 5mm non-aggressive lesion that I had, if that were cancer?

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Questions after breast reconstruction

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Swollen lymph nodes are extremely common after surgery, reconstructive or cosmetic. Also, BIRADS refers to the appearance of a lesion on mammogram. What is important at this point is your pathology report. You should be able to get that from your doctor by this point.

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Lymph Node after Breast Reconstruction?

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Thank you for the question.

 Although the existence of a lymph node after surgery would not be too surprising, you will be much better off addressing these concerns/questions with your physicians as opposed to online consultants.

Your own doctors will be in a much better position to provide a diagnosis, suggest treatment, and/or provide  meaningful reassurance to you.

 Best wishes for long-term outcomes that you are very pleased with.

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