Going from 750 Cc's in Tissue Expanders to 650 Cc's Silicone Implants?

In a month I will be going for my exchange surgery. I have had my expanders filled to 750 cc's, even the side that was radiated many years ago. My plastic surgeon plans on using 650cc's implants. I am currently wearing a 36D sports bra and I am 5'6" and weigh about 175 pounds. Will I be approximately the same size after surgery? My expansion has gone very well.

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650 cc implant after tissue expansion

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No, you will be 100 cc's less than your tissue expanders based upon your description. It may very well put you in a bra close to what you are wearing now.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Going From Tissue Expanders to Silicone Implants #breastreconstruction

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That sounds very reasonable to me. Just keep in mind. The expanders will always be less projecting than those stiff expanders. Silicone will project less than it's saline counterpart as well. I hardly ever use saline in breast reconstruction. I only use it when pushed into it by a patient out of fear of silicone which is rare. I would not get caught up on cup size since bras vary so much. From a breast reconstruction surgeon, I try to make new breast mounds that will fit the body. I never go for a cup size. It is great that your radiated side expanded. I have had success with expanding some radiated breasts like in your case. So, I think that is a reasonable choice in size for your surgeon to be considering at this point. Things can change in the operating room however, and that is why I use sizers before I choose a final implant. Good luck! You are one step closer to ending this long journey.

Richard J. Brown, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Saline tissue expanders always project (stick out) more than silicone gel implants

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TMHfan2012: Discuss your aesthetic goals with your PS, who should be congratulated for expanding you safely, especially with a radiated skin brassiere, which is usually difficult to expand.  As a general rule, silicone gel projects less than saline, so ask him/her directly whether you will be approximately the same size, using the smaller silicone gel implant.  Regrettably, the current breast implant styles and sizes available are not entirely suited to a full bodied woman.  I recently revised a lady whose height and weight were similar to yours and used an Allergan Style 45 800cc implant.  Her ultimate cup size was a full C.  Hope this helps. 

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Silicon implant size after tissue expander

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I personally place larger silicone implant size compared to tissue expander size.  Are you happy with your current tissue expander size?  If you are happy with your current expander volume, I would go slightly larger than that.  Best wishes.

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