Swollen Eye Lid 24 Hours After LASIK?

I had LASIK eye surgery on Friday evening. ~24 hours later my upper lid on one eye (I had treatment on both eyes) became a bit swollen & it still is today (Wednesday/5 days later). It's not really dramatic but enough to make my eyes look uneven. My ophthalmologist says it's not an allergic reaction, but I want to know how long this will take to subside and if there's anything I can do to speed up the process? No pain or redness. Swollen lid feels a bit heavy but otherwise my eyes feel fine.

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Swollen lid after LASIK

the most likely diagnosis is an antibiotic allergy, although in that case it should be in both eyes, although it can be more in one eye than the other. this will go away once you stop your antibiotic

the 2nd most likely diagnosis is a hordeolum or stye

in either case, it doesn't sound serious, and if your eye surgeon doesn't think it is, i wouldn't worry about it

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