Right Eye Blurry After Lasik, Is This Normal? (photo)

I had lasik done five days ago and from day one, my right eye has been blurry both near and far( I see alot better through it than before lasik, but still noticeably blurry with both eyes open,left eye is perfect). The was some bruising on my right eye during the procedure which left a spec of blood near the top edge of my pupil. The doctor said this is normal and the blurriness will clear up in a couple of weeks. Does this sounds accurate or something may have gone wrong during the procedure?

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Bleeding during LASIK

if you overwear contacts, your eye is starved of oxygen, so new abnormal blood vessels grow into your cornea to supply it with oxygen. then during the LASIK procedure, when the flap is cut into your cornea, these blood vessels can bleed. 


even if you don't have abnormal blood vessels, it's necessary to jack up the pressure in your eye to way pass normal to make a LASIK flap or cut a flap w a laser, so this can also cause your normal blood vessels to explode


this is why you may have bleeding during your LASIK or IntraLase procedure


this doesn't happen in LASEK, as there is no flap cut during this newer procedure


your surgeon can also use iopidine to constrict the blood vessels to prevent bleeding during LASIK, but perhaps he forgot to do that, which is not really a big deal, it's just cosmetic anyway, and will resolve in a week or two (as long as no blood got under the flap, which can cause inflammation)

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Appears normal

You should definitely ask this question of your eye care provider but it appears to be a normal bruise-like occurrence that will fade and disappear over the next couple weeks without any need for added treatment.

Jay Bansal, MD
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LASIK recovery

The mild bleeding is called a sub-conjunctival hemorrhage. It can happen from the instrument used to create a flap in the cornea and will heal on its own. It is not the cause of the blurred vision. Blurred vision can be normal after LASIK and does usually clear in days to weeks. Follow-up as directed by your surgeon and use the drops as directed. As long as there is no sign of excessive inflammation in the eye or misalignment of the flap, things should work out well.

Ilan Cohen, MD
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